The Nibble and Rest Woodsi Footsi Ikea Highchair Footrest

The Nibble and Rest Woodsi Footsi Ikea Highchair Footrest

Author Monique Cormack

The Woodsi Footsi is an eco-friendly bamboo height adjustable footrest which attaches to the Ikea ‘Antilop’ high chair or similar chairs like the Target ‘Snacka’ high chair. This helps your child feel comfortable and relaxed during meal times.

Another beautiful footrest option from Nibble and Rest, this footrest will help to promote correct posture and stability during mealtimes. Footrests allow children to increase their motor skills and improve their levels of concentration, which in turn encourages a better feeding and learning experience.

The Nibble and Rest wooden footrest is made of bamboo and is height adjustable. The wooden footrest is installed by o-rings underneath (and above if required) the bamboo footrest board. The o-rings can be installed at various heights on the chair to adjust the footrest height. The Nibble and Rest wooden footrest comes with 2 sets of 4 o-rings.

Benefits include:

  • Provides security and comfort for your child while sitting

  • Adjustable height to support you child as they grow

  • Allows child to sit upright with stability

  • Allows child's feet to be positioned 90 degrees from their legs

  • Encourages improved concentration on tasks while in high chair (e.g eating)

  • Allows for better hand to mouth coordination

  • Quick installation (no tools required)



  • Hand made from beautiful bamboo timber

  • Suitable for the Ikea Antilop, Kmart, Target or Big W highchair

  • Wipeable with a clean damp cloth


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